Comfort Falls Aviaton Estates

A Page for Children - of all Ages!


Meet Piper and TriPacer, the Mascots of Comfort Falls Aviation Estates. They are very sweet. Our visitors, especially the children, have enjoyed the chance to pet and feed them. Both are Axis deer, exotics in the Texas Hill Country.
Oh deer, deer! Piper and TriPacer are so sweet.


TriPacer is a new addition to Comfort Falls. This little one was found with a broken leg which had to be removed but I guarantee he can outrun the best of them. This is the most affectionate little fellow and great with people. He takes a milk bottle every 5 hours, so if your children or grandchildren want a unique experience be sure to bring them.
TriPacer has beautiful Axis spots


A young visitor, Sophia takes on the job of feeding Piper when she was just a baby deer.
Sophia enjoys feeding Piper her bottle.


Many of you have already met Miss Piper! She enjoys greeting drive-in visitors by checking their floorboards for deer corn. Here she greets a handsome couple, the Adams, as they come for a Grumman Gang Fly-in at FletchAir Fleet Maintenance at Silver Wings.
The Adams from Pecan Plantation enjoying the fly-in!


Piper assists David - demonstrating weight and balance to the Grumman Gang.
David & Piper demonstrate weight and balance.


Here some of the Grumman Gang talk airplanes while Piper poses for a another picture!
Grumman gang enjoyed a great day...


Piper relaxes after a hard day’s work. Here’s the send-off to the Grumman Gang after a fun and informative day at FletchAir Fleet Maintenance.
Grumman Gang send off


Rock-a-bye Baby!
Rock a bye baby