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Bear Moon Bakery Boerne - The Place To Be Saturday Morning


Boerne - The County Seat

"Just let’s go! Bear Moon Bakery!"

This is hard to talk about — a habit hard to break!

On Saturday morning smell the lattes and the fresh baked scones at the Bear Moon Bakery.

Also The Dodging Duck Brewhaus has a large deck where you can watch the ducks, paddleboats, and people in the large manicured creek area and sip their 'homemade' brews!

Then head down Main Street and catch a festival on the square, market days, or a running club setting out, or a group of hardened Harley guys and gals heading for the hills!

It is a charming, miniature Fredericksburg main street! Threshold Ranch an airpark at Boerne Stage Airport is nearby. Check out City of Boerne
& Boerne Chamber of Commerce.