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The History of the Flying Fletchers


Larry & Maybelle Fletcher June 2008
Maybelle Fletcher with Vintage Ercoupe on a Virginia Beach, 1945
Larry & Maybelle Fletcher-It’s all about airplanes!
Larry Fletcher and Warbird Stearman PT-17
Larry Fletcher & Bevo Howards clipped wing cub
Grandma Montgomery with her two pilot Son’s-in-Law
Maybelle Fletcher and sister Opal both married flyers!
Maybelle Fletcher & daughter Sandy both loved to fly!
Sandy Fletcher remembers riding her tricycle in the hangar under the wings of the vintage airplanes!
Winters on the Eastern Shore of Virginia could be cold!
Maybelle & Sandy (on top of) a Model 1430-2 Bellanca Cruisair
Sandy’s old logbook started when she was 28 days old.
When Sandy was born she was not taken to the city or to the country, but to the airport!
Maybelle Fletcher and Vintage Stinson
Maybelle Enjoying Her Pup, Cub – next to her 1946 Taylorcraft
New 1946 T-Craft purchased for $2,400, 1947
Vintage airplanes all over the place!
Women in aviation were very rare in 1947.
Women Pilots – What a novelty!
Maybelle Fletcher, 1946 Ercoupe
Lee Savage’s Taylorcraft on floats, 1949
Bamboo Bomber – a nice one cost $1,500 in those days
1944 Grumman F-6F and N.A. AT-6’s
Chincoteage Island and Assateague Island home to the annual Wild Pony Penning
Took off in soft snow the next morning
Larry Fletcher & Student in old Warbird - Stearman PT-17
Spencer the A&P, repairs a 1946 Taylorcraft
The Flying Fletcher’s First Business – Eastern Shore Air Service
People loved to watch anything “airplane”!
One very brave and cool pilot!
Eastern Shore Air Service sign is on the way!
Larry Fletcher’s Old Home Place in Parksley, Virginia
Old pilots in the old days talking airplanes
Hangar repair at Eastern Shore Air Service
Flying near Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay
Maybelle Fletcher flys Ercoupe near Tangier Island, Virginia in 1947
The Flying Fletcher’s Flight Line, 1946
The Flying Fletcher’s Flight Line, 1946
1947 Bellanca Cruiseair
Corporate Pilot Larry Fletcher ready to fly 1946 Beechcraft D-18
Aerial Photography required removing the door! Buckle up!
125 HP Globe Swift
Maybelle believed in keeping your baby nearby!
David Fletcher Takes Some Instruction from His Mother Maybelle in a Cessna 310. March 5, 1959
Corporate Pilot Larry Fletcher flew 1953 Beechcraft E-18
Beechcraft D-18
Fletcher Aviation’s second Hobby Airport Location
Maybelle’s Favorite in those days – D-18 Twin Beech
Maybelle Fletcher in her favorite seat – Twin Beech D-18!
David Fletcher’s 16th birthday solo. His driver’s license came months later.
Master Pilot Award
An up-to-date look to Larry and Maybelle Fletcher’s  Flight Line, 2005
Larry, Maybelle and David Fletcher love the Grumman’s
Maybelle had many returning students through the years, but 40 years is pretty good!
Fletcher Aviation was a hub of activity.
Mr. Conde was Happy to Successfully Complete His IFR Check Ride. Sept 24, 1994
The third location of Fletcher Aviation on Houston’s Hobby Airport
Fletcher Aviation was conveniently located on Hobby’s South Ramp
Grumman Cheetah and Gulfstream II
AYA Fly-in
If Grandad Montgomery did not know how to do something, he would figure it out!
When Maybelle saw the tops of the clouds she had never seen anything so beautiful!
David Fletcher and his Grandfather were always fixing, building or launching the latest project.
He always enjoyed it when Admiral Nimitz came aboard.
Ernest Maferd Hunt was actually a musician — a talented pianist and organist which was his career after piloting in World War II.