Comfort Falls Aviaton Estates
Cypress in Comfort Falls Aviation Estates

The Purpose


Comfort Falls was developed for the unique purpose of combining the love of aviation with the love of the Texas Hill Country. Another goal included convenient proximity to a city — in this case San Antonio.


The mild weather here is great for flying and many people enjoy this lovely area for the amazing scenery. There is a blend of the Italian Wine Country and scenes from out of Africa!


On a Hill Country drive you may pass exotics including axis, addax, antelope, eland, Mouflan sheep and even zebra. There are deer, goats, cows and wild turkey. An old general store, a farmer on his tractor and the cowboy on his horse are common sights. Creeks and rivers wind their way down canyons and through lush pastures. These elements create the picture of a more relaxed lifestyle. Our goal is to keep that look and achieve that lifestyle.


While searching for the perfect airpark property, we developed a philosophy of "blending into" the Hill Country. Instead of the common decision to change the natural look with a massive suburban entrance, we decided on a very classic entrance on a scale that preserves the beauty of Waring Road (FM 1621).


Our road passes youth camps and ranches backing to the Guadalupe River. It climbs hills and winds around bends and ends down a hill at the old Waring General Store. Waring, Texas population 73.


By the way, Wednesday is Steak Night in Waring. Join a hundred or more visitors and natives for rib eye, baked potato, salad, appetizers, sweet tea, and home made desserts. You will enjoy live country music while being served on picnic tables beneath giant oaks behind the old general store. Don Strange Ranch right down the road prepares the food.


Blending includes softscaping. The view of the hangar facility will be softened by drought resistant landscaping. We hope you will join us in softscaping when planning your own home landscaping.


Blending of course must include wildlife. In the mornings every color and type of bird gathers for the seed we provide. In the evening axis deer and wild turkey look absolutely marvelous enjoying the land on which we will all live. We invite you to join us in attracting the wildlife.


We are sure Comfort Falls will be a community enjoying the river, the air, the wildlife, the land and each other! Come fly with us in the country, kick off your boots and get "comfort-able"!!


Preferred Builder Greg Lewis Fine Homes - Example of Outdoor Living Space


Greg Lewis Fine Homes - Example of Outdoor Living Space